Get ready for PathStack, our new unified telematics API

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Sebastian Jezierski
December 11, 2023 · 2 min read
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Since we launched Prism in 2017, we have built over 20 telematics integrations and analysed data from many more for over 350 transport and logistics businesses. What has become increasingly clear to us, and remains true today, is that there are vast differences in the form and access methods for telematics data across providers. Yet, the fundamental elements that are recorded and needed by operators and technology developers are the same: positions, state, asset details, events.

It is surprisingly hard to get raw data out of many telematics systems on the market today. There is no industry standard for data form or quality that must be provided nor for access methods. This makes it difficult for businesses to switch providers, use multiple systems across their fleet or aggregate services across multiple independent telematics users. And there are a lot of these types of use cases appearing today.

The fact is, the telematics industry is behind the curve when it comes to integration and interoperability across systems. But this leads to inefficiency and unnecessary cost to industry and limits development of cross platform solutions, such as freight service aggregation. Our view is that the future of the transport and logistics industry requires greater interoperability and collaboration between providers and technology system, and that requires greater access to data.

So we're launching a solution to this, PathStack, which we're building right now! PathStack will provide a single API that you can easily connect accounts from multiple telematics systems to and then access clean, standardised and enriched data from via a single access point. We will also be including a range of analytic tools such as off-road position classification accessed via the same API.

We're in the early stages of product development and will be providing more information as we progress, but if you'd like to get early access and help us shape this product, get in touch here.