Making data work for you

Nuonic creates digital products that make advanced data analytics and automation accessible to business users of all skill levels.

We combine leading-edge technologies to distil complex problems using large data sets into consumable outputs with real utility. We help our customers to make better decisions using automated data analytics.

Our products

Optimising connected vehicle fleets

Prism is an advanced analytics automation platform for connected vehicle fleet that is hardware agnostic and commercially focussed. Prism automates key management activities so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

Unlocking the things you don't know.

We provide a range of proprietary commerical data sets across various domains including consumer transactions, food consumption, transport activity and geo-spatial features. Nuonic is a licenced reseller of PSMA Australia (TM) geo-spatial data.

Securing high-volume transaction flows.

Our forensic analytics provide assurance and confidence to high-velocity transaction businesses. We analyse historic and live activity to identify risks and potential issues at the earliest point which maximises your ability to act.


Sebastian Jezierski


Sebastian has over 10 years experience as a data analytics practitioner, consultant and leader. His experience includes working with global consulting and corporate firms, governments and technology startups developing software and insight-driven solutions to a broad range of high-value problems.

Derek Hooper


Derek has over 15 years' experience as an engineer, management consultant and technology advocate. His experience includes working with global engineering, professional services and resources firms implementing new technologies across large commercial operations.


Nuonic works closely with a range of leading-edge companies to develop and deploy our products.

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